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Weathertite "R" and Masonry Control Joint Materials


Williams Masonry Control Joint materials are made of quality elastomers, meeting ASTM material standards.  These control joint gaskets provide more than one functional feature for a given application.  These custom designed seals furnish an excellent seal and function as a second line of defense when sealants fail from in-service use.  These sealants will shed water and will reduce sound and thermal transmission.   Shear loads from wind are transferred to the concrete masonry units with our gaskets in control joints.

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The Weathertite "R" gasket is used to seal the control joint which is placed in compression just behind the in-service sealant materials in a Michigan control joint design.  This closed cell material is impervious to water and possesses high acoustical and thermal properties.  The Block Seal, Key Seal, Slot Seal Standard and Slot Seal Wide Flange, transfer shear loads at each control joint.  The Block Seal hollow wings are easily compressed to provide pressure seals at both ends of the gasket within the control joint.  The Key Seal wide flange is the same gasket type as the standard but has a longer flange.  

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*NOTE:  All of the gaskets have their flanges set back the appropriate dimension to accommodate for the proper placement of the sealant material and back up rod.

Technical Data

All technical data for each gasket satisfies the ASTM material standards.

Weathertite "R" - ASTM D-1056, SCE 41, 2A1, 2C1
Block Seal - ASTM D-2000
Slot Seal Standard ASTM D-2000
Slot Seal Wide Flange - ASTM D-2000, 3BA810-80, Shore A
If additional information is required please contact the Williams staff for technical assistance


The Weathertite "R" gasket is installed after the Michigan control joint is built.  All mortar protrusions are cut flush with the masons trowel to provide a mortar-free and smooth surface at the block surface.  The gasket is compressed in place at the appropriate depth and seals the joint.  The building paper at the Michigan control joint is not provided by Williams Products, Inc.

All other gaskets are installed in the sash block as the wall is built.

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