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Everlastic® Vinyl Type U 1000 Series

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Closed Cell Expanded Polyvinyl Chloride, Off White (Natural) Color, Good Chemical Resistance & Temperature Serviceability, Good Tensile

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Available Sizes

Rolls, Sheets - Cut to Size, Available with pressure sensitive temporary adhesive, Use with Williams No. 37 "A" Adhesive for permanent bonding


Isolation: Steel from Masonry, Metal from Metal (curtain walls etc.)

Shipping Weight

.375 lbs. per 1" x 12" x 12"

Typical Physical Properties

Property Test Method Typical Values
Density ASTM D - 1667 3.5 p.c.f
Compression Deflection 25% ASTM D -1056 1.5 - 3.0 psi.
Comp. Set 25% ASTM D -1056 24 % max
Comp. Set 50%

(Sample Size 1" x 2" x 2")

ASTM D -1056

(ASTM D - 1667*)

50 % max

(15 % max *)

Tensile ASTM D - 412 40 min.
Elongation ASTM D - 412 100 % min.
Water Absorption ASTM D -1056 10 % max wt.
Heat Aging


ASTM D -1056

(22 hrs. @ 158°F)

+/- 30%


Thermal Stability


ASTM D - 548

(% change in length after 7 days @ 220°F)

7 % max wt.


Ozone Resistance ASTM D - 1171 Pass
Temperature Use

(Lower limit to upper limit)

  -40°F to 220°F
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