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Rubber "J" Gate Seal

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Hi Tensile Neoprene Williams Compound # 1025

Also available in other rubber compounds


Width +/- 3/16"

Diameter of Bulb +/- 1/16"

Length 20' 0"

Custom configurations available at your request

rjgate.bmp (68278 bytes)

Available Sizes

1 3/4" DIA Solid Bulb or Hollow Bulb 4" Wide

For custom configurations contact Williams Products

Typical Physical Properties



Typical Values

Tensile Strength 2250 min. PSI
Ultimate Elongation 400 % min.
Shore "A" Durometer 60 \ 70
Specific Gravity 1.4
Compression Set 30 % max.
Tensile Strength after Oxygen Bomb Aging 80 % min.
Ozone Resistance Good

All "J" Seals, set forth in these specifications and/or shown on the drawings, shall be of an extruded NEOPRENE Rubber, with a SOLID or HOLLOW bulb, and 4" wide, as manufactured by Williams Products, Inc.  For custom profiles and other rubber compounds of "J" seals contact Williams Products.

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