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The Neo Seal IV gasket is used as a joint filler, a back -up rod and a compressible material in brick expansion joints.  This multi-functional product provides excellent control during installation because one component is used instead of two, minimizing labor costs at each expansion joint.   Neo Seal IV is an expanded closed cell neoprene material, extruded gasket, with four connected tubes.  The elastomer is non-absorbent and is inert to heat, cold and atmospheric acids.  The specially formed tubes compress to approximately 3-1/4" in overall width when installed in a conventional 3/8" brick expansion joint.   This gasket provides an effective seal against moisture entering the joint causing frost damage.

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Column Boxboard material is used as and isolation material between the structural column and the masonry wall construction.  This separation is necessary to prevent the masonry from coming in contact with the displaced column during loading and to prevent mortar from being within the same joint.  This product is a cellulose material coated on the weathering side and can be factory scored or scored in the field for bending or breaking to fit any column shape.  The thickness of the roll product is 1/4", while the sheet product is available at either 1/4" or 1/2" thicknesses.

Technical Data

This product satisfies the ASTM material standards.   For further details contact the technical staff at Williams Products, Inc.


The Neo-Seal IV is installed in the brick expansion joint during the construction of the wall.  This method of installation insures that the gasket will be compressed in the joint and will prevent mortar protrusions and/or bridging, precluding blockage in a movement joint.  The column boxboard material is installed prior to the erection of the masonry wall to assure isolation between the structural column and the masonry wall construction.

For Standard Column Boxboard Materials check Econ-O-Foam or Column Boxboard pages

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