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Everlastic® EVA-200G

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Cross Linked, Closed Cell, Ethylene/Vinyl/Acetate Foam

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Lightweight, Flexible, Resilient, Non-Absorbent Foam.  Resistant to heat, ultraviolet and many chemicals.


As hot or cold applied sealant backup, to fill vertical and horizontal joints, acoustical partition closures, corrugated deck closures and many other uses

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Typical Physical Properties


Property Typical Value Test Method
Color (Standard) Gray  
Density (lbs./cu.ft.) 2.3 +/- 0.5 ASTM D 3575-91
Compression/Deflection (psi required to compress 25%) 5 +/- 2 ASTM D 1056-91
Compression and

Recovery @ 50%

14.5 psi

(10 psi Min. to 25 psi Max.)


ASTM D 1752-84 Modified

(see note 1)

Extrusion @ 50% 0.10 inch (see note 2)
Ultimate Tensile Strength 50 psi ASTM D 3575-91
Water Absorption <5%(Max. Gain by Weight) ASTM D1056-91
Odor No Objectionable Odor  
K Factor 0.25  
Service Temperature


High Continuous

High Intermittent





ASTM D 746
Flame Resistance Pass MVSS-302
Accelerated Aging 7 Day 158°F Flexibility180° Bend Without Cracking Pass  
Appearance Change None  
Change in Compression/Deflection +/-30  
1.)  *After removal of load, material shall recover to 95% of original thickness within 24 hours*

2.)  *When compressed to 50% of material thickness with three sides restrained, the unrestrained edge shall not extrude more than 0.25 inches.*

Generally Resistant to, Acids, Alkalis, Gasoline & Oil, Aromatic Hydrocarbons, Ketones, Oxidation and Ozone
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