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DYNASHEILD® Ceramic Fiber Grade 600

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Fire Rated Joint Filler

DynaShield Ceramic Fiber Blanket shall be folded back onto itself and inserted in to the joint under compression (see illustration).   It is not necessary to fill the entire joint depth.

Contact the Manufacturer for recommendations on specific applications. Please provide the following relevant information:

Installation Type

Fire Rating Required

Joint Width and Depth

Anticipated Movement

Required Finished Appearance

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Dynasheild Ceramic Fiber Blanket is a strong, lightweight needled blanket.  It is made from long ceramic fibers cross locked through a unique forming process which results in excellent strength.  Dynasheild Ceramic Fiber Blankets offer superior flame and heat resisting properties.  The fibers are asbestos free and have a melting point of 1843°C (3350°F).


Dynasheild Ceramic Fiber Blankets are manufactured in various densities, operating temperature ranges and are fabricated into Fire Retarding expansion joint fillers and penetration seals.  DynaShield is noncombustible and is being used in fire retarding systems where lightweight thin materials are needed to obtain a significant temperature drop and fire retardation such as nuclear power plants, utilities, chemical plants and commercial buildings.

Typical Physical Properties


Property Typical Values
Continuous Use Limit 2300°F
Melting Point 3200°F
Shrinkage @ 1000° 0%
% Binded 0%
Density 4 - 8 lb./rt3
K-Value (per ASTM-C177)








Color White
Weight for A60 Rating 10 oz.
ASTM D - 84

Fuel Contribution

Flame Spread

Smoke Development





Approximate Fire Resistance Rating (TYP.)


Time Rating Required Material Thickness Required Material Depth
1 Hour 175% to 200% of Joint Widths 2 inches
2 Hour 175% to 200% of Joint Widths 4 inches
3 Hour 175% to 200% of Joint Widths 5 inches
4 Hour 175% to 200% of Joint Widths 6 inches
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