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Bearing Pads

Bear-Pad 200                                     Cross Laminated with oriented fibers

Fab-Pad 300                                       Laminated, rubber and ductile fabric

1200 Series                                        Commercial Grade Dense Neoprene

AASHTO Grade Neoprene                Conforms to AASHTO requirements, 2500 PSI tensile strength

Everlastic® Post Pads                         For isolation, vibration dampening and sealing under mounting posts or base plate.

Everlastic® Iso/Vib 2300 Series Foam        Vibration and shock absorbency, resists creep under load

Rubber Waterstop

Compounds                                       Neoprene, Styrene-Butadiene-Rubber(SBR)

Sizes(widths)                                      6", 9" & 12"

Profiles                                               Dumbbell(DB) and Centerbulb(CB)

Click Here for Waterstop Technical Data

Backer Rods

Extruded and molded closed cell neoprene sponge.  Use as hot or cold applied sealant backup; to fill vertical and horizontal joints.  Resistant to heat, ultraviolet and many chemicals.

Rubber "J" Gate Seals

Hi Tensile Neoprene Williams Compound # 1025

Also available in other rubber compounds to meet custom specifications


Expansion Joints

Econ-O-Foam                                CCPE

EJ-2000                                           XL Polyolifin

1040 to 1080 Series                      Closed Cell Neoprene

NN-1                                              Soft, Expanded, Closed Cell, Sponge Rubber

NN-5-2C5 E1                                Closed Cell Expanded Neoprene Foam

Everlastic® RB-153                      Bonded Recycled Rubber

 1300 Series                                   Concrete Gray Sponge Rubber

 1400 Series                                   Open Cell Neoprene (Vibration Isolation)

Everlastic® 1752 Highway Modified

Isomeric Polyolefin Resilient Flexible Gray Foam.

Everlastic® Expand-O-Foam - 900

Closed Cell Polyethelene Foam, ASTM D-3575 & ASTM D-1056 (Modified).

Everlastic® MPP 100 Proplastic

Isotropic Polyolefin Resilient Molded Foam, White in color.



Column Isolation

Column Boxboard                    Coated Corrugated

Econ-O-Foam                                 CCPE

EJ-2000                                            XL Polyolifin

Cavity Wall Baffle

Everlastic® Cavity Wall Baffle using EVA 200

Compartmentalization of the cavity wall system will equalize the negative pressure within the wall cavity to the exterior positive pressure more quickly and efficiently when using PVC brick vents, cell vents or open head joints.

Williams-Goodco Brick Vents 

Ventilates and equalizes pressure within cavity

Sizes,  2 - 1/4", 2 - 3/4", 3 - 5/8"

Colors,  Standard Gray, We can dye to match mortar color

Williams-Goodco CMU Vents All New CMU Weep System

The Williams-Goodco CMU vent is an injection molded vent made from flexible polyvinyl chloride in an offset "T" shape. When inserted in vertical mortar joints between two bricks the slotted leg of the vent allows air to pass in and out allows water to weep out and prevents water from penetrating in.

CMU Control Joints (Vertical)

Slot Seal Standard, Wide Flange, Block Seal

Hard rubber cross shape, shear keys in sash blocks

Weathertite R, Everlastic® M-CJ

Compressible Filler to seal Michigan Control Joints

Econ-O-Foam for Bond Break in core

Compressible to accommodate movement

CMU Expansion Joint (Horizontal)

Fill gap at top of wall


EVA 200G

Air Seal Gasket

1056 Joint Filler


Close off gap between wall and deck (flat or fluted)

Special Fabrications

Metal Deck Closure

Partition Closure

Fire Rated

Fire Classified Closure manufactured of Compressible Open Cell Sponge.  Used for Partition closure or plug for Metal Decking.

Dyna Shield Ceramic Fiber Joint Filler

Vapor Barrier


Masonry Wall Membrane



Self Stick, Rubberized Asphalt

Neoprene Membrane

Available thickness 1/32", 1/16" and 1/8"

Anchor Gaskets

Self-stick, CC Neoprene

Thermal and moisture break behind anchors

Brick Expansion Joints

Neo Seal IV

Neoprene profile allows maximum movement


Self-stick, CC Rubber Joint Filler


Filler is inherent bond breaker for most sealants


Williams #37 A Contact Adhesive

New3d3.gif (15239 bytes)Williams #37 C - Low VOC

Division 7 Thermal and Moisture Protection

2nd Seal New3d3.gif (15239 bytes)

Wide Joint Seal

Closure / Partition Wall

Closure / Metal Deck Flutes

Closure / Everlastic Fire Classified

Backer Rod and Joint Fillers

Roof Expansion Joint

Everlastic Cavity Wall Baffle using EVA 200

EVA 400

Dust Shield 1350 Series

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