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Everlastic® #37 "C" Low VOC


Solvent-dispersed synthetic rubber resin adhesive

Low VOC air-drying contact adhesive

Black in color

Excellent for joining seams and butt joints of sheet insulations

Material Specifications

ASTM E - 84

South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD)


Quart and Gallon containers

Application Instructions

Mix well contents of the container and supply only to clean, dry, oil free surfaces.  For best results, the adhesive should be brush-applied in a thin, uniform coat to both bonding surfaces.  The total cure time is 24 to 36 hours when installed by adhering seams and butt joints

Typical Physical Properties:


Typical Values


Synthetic rubber based with synthetic resins and fillers added ; hydrocarbon and keytone- type solvents

Solids Content

Approximately 30% by weight


200sq ft per gallon max, single coat (depending upon porosity of materials bonded and air temperature

Shelf Life

1 year in original sealed container; storage temperature 60°F to 80°F

Maximum Tack Time

3-5 minutes under normal conditions

Temperature Limits



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