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Everlastic® #37 "A" Contact Adhesive

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A high strength, synthetic based adhesive, well suited for bonding a wide variety of rubber materials to themselves as well as to wood, metal, vinyl and neoprene rubbers.

Designed to Bond:

Open and closed cell sponges to themselves as well as to non-porous surfaces

Fabrics to metal, hard rubber and most hard plastics

Physical Characteristics:

Fast strength build-up

Spray or brush applications

Strong ultimate bond strengths

Strong tack strength

Material Preparation and Application Instructions:

Surfaces to be bonded should be free of excess dust, grease or other contaminants.  Metal surfaces should be degreased with a suitable solvent.

Apply one thin, uniform coat of adhesive to both surfaces to be bonded.  Allow the adhesive to become tacky to touch.  Join with sufficient pressure to insure contact.

Thin with Toluene.  Clean-up can be done with Toluene or MEK   

Technical Specifications:


Typical Values






Brush Grade

Total Solids


**Flash Point**

Less than 0°F

Calculated Weight

7.3 lbs. Per gallon

Precautionary Data:

Avoid prolonged breathing of vapors

Avoid prolonged and repeated contact with skin

Keep out of reach of children

Use with adequate ventilation

Store at temperatures of 90°F or below for maximum shelf life

This product is extremely flammable.  Vapor may cause flash fires.  Vapors may ignite explosively under certain conditions.  Keep away from fire, sparks and sources of heat.  Open all doors and windows.  Extinguish all flames and pilot lights.  Turn off electric motors, stoves, heaters or any source of ignition during use and until vapors have dispersed.  Do not smoke.  Close containers after use.  Review MSDS Sheet for handling before use.

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