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Williams AASHTO Grade Neoprene Bearing Pads

Specification M251-90

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Neoprene Bearing Pads are molded or cut from a molded sheet of high-grade, new neoprene synthetic rubber compound.



As economical efficient bearing plates for precast, pre-stressed concrete or steel beams in bridges and buildings.  Neoprene Pads permit a smooth and uniform transfer of load from the beam to the substructure, allow beam rotation at the bearing due to deflection of the beam under load.  They further allow lateral and longitudinal movement of the beam caused by thermal forces.  Neoprene pads have no movable parts and thermal expansion and contraction a absorbed by the pad's ability to give and take in shear.  There is no sliding between pad and beam or between pad and abutment.


Technical Data

Material Property ASTM Standard Test Requirements Polychloroprene
50 Duro 60 Duro 70 Duro Units
Physical Properties D2240


Hardness 50 +/- 5 60 +/- 5 70 +/- 5 Shore Pt
**Min tensile strength 2250 (15.5) 2250 (15.5) 2250 (15.5) psi (MPa)
Min ultimate elongation 400 350 300 %
Heat Resistance D573 @ *speed temp. Specified temp of test 212 (100) 212 (100) 212 (100) °F (°C)
Aging time 70 70 70 Hours
Max change in Durometer Hardness +15 +15 +15 *Shore pt
Max change in tensile strength -15 -15 -15 %
Max change in ultimate elongation -40 -40 -40 %
Impression Act D395

Method B @ *speed temp.

*specified temp of test (°) 212 (100) 212 (100) 212 (100) °F (°C)
Max permissible test(after 22 hours) 35 35 35 %
Bar Resistance D624 Min lbs./in. (Die C) 180 180 180 lbs./in.
Brittleness D2137 ***Low temp brittleness @ -40°F (-40°C) Pass Pass Pass  
Ozone Resistance D1149 Partial Pressure of ozone during test 50 50 50 MPa
Duration of test.  Tested @ 20% strain 100 100 100 Hours
100°F+/-2°F (37.7°C+/-1°C) Mounting Procedure No Cracks No Cracks No Cracks  
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