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Thermal and Water Protection Products

2nd Seal

Everlastic® 2nd Seal Williams Everlastic 2nd Seal is placed prior to the primary seal assuring a watertight seal should the primary seal fail.  The 2nd seal can be used in vertical or horizontal applications or as a primary seal when appearance is not an issue.

Wide Joint Seal

Everlastic® Wide Joint Seal is a pre-factory cured strip of silicone sealant adhered to rectangular polyurethane backer. The polyurethane backer is wider than the joint opening and the silicone is of a lesser width than the joint opening. The backer is compressed and placed into the joint, thus holding the cured silicone in a vertical position and leaving a recess on either side of the cured silicone and parallel substrate. A wet silicone sealant is caulked and tooled into the recess bridging the cured silicone and the interface of the parallel substrate.


Closed Cell EPDM Synthetic Rubber Closures.  Available in 1" thick (& 1-1/2" thick) horizontal gray, black & redwood colors.

New3d3.gif (15239 bytes)    Everlastic Fire Classified Closures 1715

Fire Classified Closure manufactured of Compressible Open Cell Sponge.  Used for Partition closure or plug for Metal Decking.

3000 Series, Closed Cell EPDM

Everlastic® EPDM Sponge 3000 Series is expanded, closed-cell, Ethylene Propylene Diene sponge rubber.  Non-absorbent, compressible, resilient, and provides good thermal and moisture insulation.   Everlastic® EPDM Sponge is generally resistant to acids, alkali, oxidation and ozone.  Everlastic® EPDM Sponge is not recommended in applications that require oil resistance.


Roof Expansion Joints using NN - 1

Everlastic® NN-1 is a soft, expanded, closed cell, sponge rubber.  Blend of Neoprene, EPDM and SBR.

Everlastic Cavity Wall Baffle using EVA-200G

Everlastic® EVA 200G is a cross-linked, closed cell, ethylene/vinyl/acetate foam.


Everlastic® EVA 400G is a cross-linked, closed cell, ethylene/vinyl/acetate foam.

Dust Shield

Dust Shield - Ceiling Tile is a medium density polyether foam, firm ILD range, designed to meet a broad range of furniture, automotive seating and dust shield for ceiling tile applications.


Flex Step

All Weather Stair Covering designed to prevent ice build up, channel water from underfoot and reduce noise on stairwells.


Flex Pad

Fatigue Reducing Floor Mat designed to reduce leg and foot fatigue in production environments

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