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Press Pit Isolation

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Everlastic® ISO/VIB (isolation vibration) 2300 Series is a close cell polyethylene foam that is flexible, lightweight, durable, solid extruded plank.


Offers excellent strength, vibration and shock absorbency, resistance to creep under load and water resistance characteristics.  Everlastic® 2300 Series is impervious to most chemicals, non- abrasive and performs consistantly over a wide range of temperatures.


Where equipment foundations require vibration containment, foundations for press pits, or any concrete slab that require isolation or vibration dampening. (see detail below)


Charcoal Black

Available Sizes:

  • Standard thickness 1/2" to 4" thick, 48" wide and 108" long.

  • Available with self stick, pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) on one or two sides.

Typical Physical Properties Unit Test Method Typical Results
Density lb/ft3 ASTM D-3575 2 to 2.4
Tear Strength lb/in ASTM D-3575 13
Compression Creep psi ASTM D-3575 <5%@3.0
Compression Strength 25% deflection psi
50% deflection psi
ASTM D-3575
ASTM D-3575
Compression Set (loaded @ 1.5 psi 1000 hrs @ 50%) % ASTM D-3575 18
Tensile Strength (@ 1/2" thickness) psi ASTM D-3575 42
Water Absorption (lbs sf of cut surface) ASTM D-1056 <0.2
Thermal Conductivity (BTU-in/hr/sf°F) at 75°F ASTM C518 0.4 - 0.18
Thermal Stability (change after 24 hrs at 165°F) % ASTM D-3575 <5


ISO-VIB 2300 Series Press Pit Isolation


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