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Isomeric Polyolefin Resilient Flexible Gray Foam



Everlastic® 1752 Highway/Modified Expansion Joint Filler used with hot or cold applied sealants; Horizontal applications, place Everlastic® 1752 Highway/Modified next to forms; all interrupting columns and objects; adjacent to abutting structures prior to concrete placement.  Vertical applications include Everlastic® 1752 Highway/Modified placement between panels, panel column joints or in block wall joints prior to sealing.  Many other innovative applications are available.


Standard Thickness: 1/8" to 3" (Other sizes Skived or Laminated).
Widths from 1/2" to 60"; *Available Multi-Score, *Standard-Score, or with *Tear Tab to allow sealant Reservoir (*Only available in rolls 1/8" - 1/2").
Self-Stick Pressure Sensitive Adhesive optional.  (Will Die Cut Parts)
Roll (1/8" - 1/2") Lengths: 50 LF  Sheet (5/8" - 3") Lengths: 9 LF
Everlastic� 1752 Highway/Modified must be held in place by either compression or sealant to reduce float.


Typical Physical Properties


Property Test Method Typical Values
Density (Nominal) ASTM D-3575 2 PCF
Tear Resistance CM ASTM D-3575 11 PI
Compression Strength

25% Deflection

50% Deflection

  5 PSI

14 PSI

Compression Set % of Original Thickness ASTM D-3575 26%
Elongation ASTM D-3575 120%
Tensile Strength CM ASTM D-3575 40 PSI
Water Absorption

(lb./sf of cut surface)

ASTM D-3575 <0.05
K Factor ASTM C-177 0.25
Service Temperature



PPP C-1752 -65° F

+215° F

Thermal Stability

(Change after 24 hrs. @ 158°F)

ASTM D-3575 <0.6
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